FIQH course

Course Objectives

Fundamentals of Islamic faith e.i Tawheed, nubwwah, angles, divine books, Paradise, hell, etcIn second level students will learn about how to perform (Ibaadaat) Islamic worshipping e.i conditions and obligations of wudu, Ghusl and salah (prayer), Zakah (Obligatory charity ), hajj (how to perform it), etc.

How to benefit from this course?

This level is suitable for those who already have completed the first two levels, these online Fiqh classes consists of Sharia laws e, i Nikah(marriage) Talaq (Divorce), Transactions and their Islamic values (Halal and Haram transactions), Riba (usury/interest ), etc.


Sheikh Harun Al madani

Academic or social qualification


Monwar hossain Madani

Academic or social qualification


Mufti Abdur Razzak

Academic or social qualification

and many more

Course Fees


Admission Procedure

First you have to pay the course fee for admission. Then open an account on aouun Institute website with the email address used in the payment form. If you already have an account, there is no need to reopen an account. We will enroll you once payment is confirmed. Once enrolled you can view the course on your dashboard and start classes.

Payment Method

In case of manual payment

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In case of online payment

[Payment can be made online through Visa Card, Master Card, Paypal, Bank etc.]

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Those who successfully complete the course will be awarded a course completion certificate.

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